Thursday, July 8, 2010

Look Right, Look In Your Wallet

Internet, I don't like to tell you your business, but if you don't know Black Hockey Jesus, you really should. He is one of the best writers I've ever read -- blogging or not. He is also an immensely interesting guy with an insane passion for life. A while ago he began running and now runs every day. Like, EVERY day. But unlike most runners, you get the sense that to him running is like telling life to go fuck itself -- that if ownership of any of life's terms is subject to debate, he's staking his claim. Planting his flag up life's ass, as it were.
Brave, irreverent, modest and compassionate. And compassionate. And compassionate. Meet Tanner. Some of his story can be found here, but for now you should know that he's really sick and will be getting worse for his entire life. Degenerative. The stuff parents' nightmares are made of.
Tanner's aunt is a blogger and, with the help of a bunch of tutu-obsessed folk, has set up a charity 5K "awareness raising" race to be run in NYC during this year's BlogHer convention. BHJ is taking this to the extreme, as anyone who has ever read him would expect. He will not run in a tutu. Nor will he stop running when he hits the finish line. Rather, he will continue to run 5Ks until he can no longer move. Fucking guy. I love this fucking guy. If I weren't going to be in California for Ethan's surgery during BlogHer, I'd absolutely be there to see this. Probably on a Vespa about 10 feet in front of him, dangling a hundred dollar bill on a stick.
So what? So give this fucking guy I love some money, that's what. The widget in the right column? Click that. Or go to his site and comment/pledge on his post. At the very least, do yourself a favor and carve out a few days to read his work. He is brilliant. And verbose. And cocky. And beautiful. And worthy. And soon he will be tired. And Tanner won't get any better. But the next kid might and that's all you need to know. Thanks. I mean it.

"Until I catch a fraction of a glimpse into the world he lives in."
-- The BHJ


  1. That was very flattering, Ed. Thanks. That meant a lot.

  2. Brother, I'd run with you if I could. Kick ass.

  3. I will give this BHJ a follow but I gotta tell you, that fellow you're describing? He sounds a lot like the dude at E-Train, too :o)


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