Monday, August 2, 2010

Ear I Stand, Ed in Hand ...

Word from the front lines: It's almost 4:00 p.m. California time and Sandi just called. The ear is on, the skin for the graft has all be harvested and the whole schmegeggi is now being shaped. No idea how long before he's in recovery.
Picked up his antibiotics -- chilling in the fridge. Picked up his Tylenol with codeine. Considering taking a massive hit off it.
Just killing time.
So let me just point out a few things that have occurred to me. First, this whole "laid back California" thing? Total horseshit. These mother fuckers are STRESSED, yo! They drive like whatever the farthest thing in the world from laid back drives like. They're rude and they're ridiculous. We had lunch today at the Beverly Center, a gigundous mall across from Cedars-Sinai (which is the most beautiful hospital I've ever seen!). Anyway, the mall is crawling with people trying so, so desperately to be beautiful but just come off as ridiculous. Seriously, yo, take the money you spent on those pants and invest in a time machine so you can introduce your mom to someone not as ugly as your dad apparently was. Or better yet, just deal with it. You are the aesthetic equivalent of a ditch digger which, according to Judge Smails, the world needs too.
Which is not to say there are no beautiful people here. There are. But that's just it: Everybody's beautiful here. Except the people who are trying too hard.
Whatever. Thomas and I can't just sit here. We're going to GameStop to "stock up on supplies."
Longest. Day. Ever.

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  1. Hang in there Ed. and Ethan. And I couldn't agree more- trying too hard is the unsexiest thing of all.


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